Friday , June 18 2021

Michelle Alexander remembered a dead screen scripter

During the second season presentation of Ojitos sorcerers, Michelle Alexander said when she was remembering the young scriptor and dramatist Víctor Falcón, who died in October. "This party would not be possible if a person had not created this story. This is a tribute," said producer.

Falcón created with Eduardo Adrianzén most telenovelas and a series of Del Barrio. According to Alexander, for the second phase of the production, he agreed with the authors about what they wanted to say, after demanding the audience, who was waiting for more chapters.

"The second season of Ojitos sorcerers is the result of success. With Víctor and Eduardo, we thought a lot, but we did not want a second part to extend the story. We wanted something new and attractive, "he said. Pablo Heredia, Laly Goyzueta, Joaquín de Orbegoso are added to the story.

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