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Oracle makes the ERP Cloud Room faster

New artificial intelligence and intelligent process automation support organizations in each industry improve productivity, reduce costs and improve controls.

Oracle announced new artificial intelligence intelligence updates for Cloud Cloud Management Performance Management (EPM) Oracle Enterprise (ERP).

With updates based on the learning of machines that provide quick information a insights Based on data, CFOs and their teams can adopt new business models, take advantage of new market opportunities and increase profitability.

More than 5,500 organizations in 85 countries and 23 industries have chosen Oracle ERP Cloud to provide a complete, innovative and secure financial platform for their organization. Today, more than 3,000 clients have all their processes in Oracle ERP Cloud and only in the past year, clients such as Bank of America, L.A. Lakers, Office Depot, Caesars Entertainment, Cleveland Clinic, Western Digital and Mount Sinai Health System have changed Oracle ERP Cloud systems acquired.

"Oracle has a unique location to help customers link data and processes across the organization to lead better business outcomes," said Rondy Ng, Vice President of Advanced Application Development at Oracle. "Our focus is on creating immediate commercial impact and the latest developments give customers a significant competitive advantage."

Oracle ERP Cloud helps organizations of all sizes to take advantage of quickly and easily on artificial intelligence, digital assistants, natural language processing, blocks and Internet Things to allow more productivity, cost reduction and better management. Latest developments within Oracle ERP Cloud include:

  • Automation of intelligent processes: Seamless integration in Oracle Cloud's applications of intelligent-based control processes allows automation of intensive labor tasks and enabling organizations to redistribute employees for more strategic and worthwhile work.
  • Report assistant at expense: A new chat window assistant improves controls and explores compliance through the processing of expenses more efficiently and accurately, while simplifying costs reports for end users.
  • Clear payments: The new artificial intelligence capabilities allow organizations to reduce costs and establish stronger relationships with mains suppliers, taking advantage of supplier profile and current risk data to produce bids Specified by the supplier, in return for the advance payment of outstanding accounts payable.
  • Recommendations from suppliers: The category or intellectual and multifunctional distribution and distribution of suppliers help maximize the payment process of purchase. By combining the data from ERP applications on suppliers, purchase orders, invoices, accounts that are payable and other details with external data sources, companies can have an unprecedented look of their company's ecosystem supplier.
  • Intelligent performance management: Artificial intelligence capabilities embodied in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud can find difficult data patterns to be found to provide practical and contextual information at the right time, helping to improve the impact of the quality and business of financial and operational decisions.
  • Higher access controls:Advanced Access Controls contain artificial information to constantly explore all users, roles and privileges in a library of active security rules. This includes more than 100 best practices (configurable rules) in the general ledger, accounts that are payable, accepted accounts and fixed assets, to help protect business information and data from internal threats, fraud, misuse and human error.

Oracle ERP Cloud helps organizations automate core business processes, integrate different systems and streamline financial business processes and technology requirements. This allows customers to quickly adapt to changing business requirements and gain competitive advantage by increasing productivity, reducing costs, creating a single source of truth and driving business innovation from starting to & # 39 ; r end.

Oracle ERP Cloud was named Leader in the "Magic Quadrant for Financial Management Solutions for medium, large and global companies of Gartner" (Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Control Rooms for Midsize Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises). The ERP fund is in the highest position in terms of operating capability. In addition, Oracle also set himself the leader of the "Quadrant Magic for Financial Analysis and Planning Solutions in the 2018 Cloud" (Quadrant Magic for Financial Planning and Mixed Analysis) (with the highest position for its ability to action) and was also named Leader in 2018 in the "Magic Quadrant for Near Cloud Financial Solutions" (Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Close Solutions).

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Author: Antonio Paredes – Date: 11/19/2018

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