Monday , August 2 2021

The offer of a millionaire Jorge Sampaoli to direct a team in 2019 Total Sports

After his departure from the Argentine team with a disappointing campaign in the 2018 Russian World Cup, Jorge Sampaoli can redirect at the beginning of 2019. Little Man & # 39; deals with a proposal by Chinese selection and it would replace Italian Marcello Lippi.

Sampaoli He would reach the Asian country with a contract until 2021 (three years), which would be until the Asian qualities ended with a view to Qatar Cup 2022, he says & # 39;From where& # 39;

In turn, the media said the Argentine strategist would win the incredible figure of 10 million dollars per season.

In recent months, Jorge Sampaoli have dealt with different offers of Premier League and from countries how Mexico, Costa Rica to the United States. Anyway; no-one has developed and that's why China's choice could be made with their services.

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