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There were controls and surveys on World Diabetes Day


There were controls and surveys on World Diabetes Day

Measures have been made to sensitize the population and join efforts to prevent complications, early diagnosis and promote healthy habits. Control was also made to detect the risk factors of the disease that he said.

And Santafesino


In Santa Fe city, steps have been taken to detect diabetes risk factors.
Source: Government of Santa Fe city

Every year, on November 14, World Diabetes Day is commemorated, established by the International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organization, in order to raise awareness and join efforts to prevent complications, early diagnosis and promote healthy habits.

In this framework, the City Government hosted the Under Secretary of Health and Sport, under the Ministry of Social Development, an activity with the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Santa Fe Lions Club, Trading Association of Aristóbulo del Valle Avenue, the College of Podiatrists and ASDI (Association of Santafesina Diabetic Association). The meeting point was Aristóbulo del Valle in 6600 and a health circuit was created with different controls.

In addition, the health team conducted surveys to the public to find out how much the population knows about the disease. Similar steps will take place on Saturday 17 next, also from 9 to 12, in the San Martín Ramblers in front of the Municipal Theater. It is worth remembering that the campaign during 2018-2019 will focus on families and diabetes, emphasizing the promotion of risk factors that can be prevented from developing type 2 diabetes.

Promotion and dissemination

The City Government's Social Development Secretary Cecilia Battistutti referred to the activity and told him: "Under the Health and Sports secretary, we take advantage of the ephemeris to work, set and share specific themes for citizens. That's why November On World Diabetes Day, we came to this sector of the city to talk about this disease that affects many people. "

"For a few hours we can talk about the risks that one runs, and also the healthy lifestyles that need to be taken to mitigate the effect of this disease and at the same time work on the promotion , "added the officer. It took the opportunity to highlight the participation of the different organizations not only in this case but in each of the activities that the City Government takes.

"They are kindly joining us and helping us reach the community with important problems such as diabetes in this case and as this year's theme is Diabetes and family, we thought it would be interesting to work on looking for risk factors that # 39; n is associated with type 2. diabetes can be stopped, "later Battistutti said.

The risk factors

For his part, Lorena Massari's doctor gave details of the task they had developed in Aristóbulo del Valle. "We are promoting a health circuit that needs to be done with some risk factors, especially those that can be prevented, type 2 diabetes, the most common in the world. 9% population, according to the national survey, diabetes in Argentina and can be stopped, that's why it's important to work on the risk factors, "said the professional.

In this regard, he said: "These risks must be related to food, physical activity and surgical work, so a circuit must be done that must be done with anthropometric measurements weight and height and body mass index in the abdomen to see the fat collection, and the measure of capillary blood glucose and therefore values ​​are seen rapidly and not rapidly, and blood pressure. Family history is also evaluated. "

In addition, surveys were carried out to the public in order to estimate which population with high risk factors for having more hereditary type 1 diabetes: "Councils and societies are & # 39; n recommend that at least 45 years of age a rapid blood glucose should be tested to be able to find out what the value is and then begin to evaluate whether it has some form of diabetes. Referral value is required to start making the controls ".

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The idea is to sensitize the population and join efforts to prevent complications, early diagnosis and promote healthy habits.

Source: Government of Santa Fe city

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