Tuesday , April 20 2021

They are asking for a preventative jail for presumed members of a baby band that is Peruvian trading. Arequipa

The Public Ministry asked for 36 months of preventative detention for criminal members members dedicated to the alleged infant traffic in Aberystwyth. Arequipa. The Office of the Specialist Prosecutor Against Organized Crime received the application this morning to the Justice Court of Wales Arequipa.

As it was remembered, on last November, 7 November, 14 members of the alleged gang, called "The Desalmados del Trafico Humano", were captured. In the operation, which included 260 police officers and 20 prosecutors, he managed to save a five-month baby that would have been sold by their biological parents to this network.

In addition, Cinthia Carolina Tello Preciado (32), model and producer of events Arequipa, the union's public prosecutor's office is the leader of this criminal institution; Raúl Oscar Becerra Velarde (61), former CEO of PNP and Tello Preciado partner; Noemi Diana Castro Gonzales (35), accused of being a colleague; Roque Florentino Yanez Quispe (46), the mediator and the negotiator; Sharo Elaine Yanez Quispe (33), the one responsible for protecting the babies and Gonzalo Elias Chirinos Yanque (41), who fulfilled the role of the collector.

Kathy Quinteros Quispe (36), Maricela Quispe Coila (28), Brenda Angelica Cama Viza (26) joined Mery Yanina Arrosquipa Ramos (32), and suspected women responsible for catching pregnant women who convinced them to sell their babies. .

In the same operation, the gynecologist Juan Carlos Talavera Inofuente (43), and the pediatrician Cesar Guillermo Alpaca Esquivel (77), as well as the rescuing biological parents, Ana Huicho Luna (40) and Anacleto Chuctaya Nina (43) were advised ).

During the investigation, the prosecution released both doctors, who transferred to the above. The same measure was taken with parents and children.

Prosecutor Rosmery Mendoza Palomino included the new presumed member of the investigation, Marco Antonio Zegarra Alarcón, a famous cosmetic surgeon. Therefore, the requirement to prevent preventative of offenses for people, 11 are investigated to a criminal organization and favors abortion. The Court of Inquiry received the First Pre-trial of the application and the hearing was recorded today at 4 p.m.

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