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VIDEO Neymar hit Jalo in the face and was restrained to avoid a big fight on the way to the locker room | Youtube | PSG – Lille | SPORT-EVERYTHING

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Neymar he left his team – again – at the moment when they needed him most. PSG striker was expelled for pushing Thiago Jalo at a discount on the match against Lille. By the way, a very important commitment for Mauricio Pochettino’s team, as he faced the first and second in Ligue 1.

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Despite seeing a red card when his team lost 1-0, the Brazilian continued to be angry. As proof of this, some images from the official broadcast followed the 10 series “Les Parisiens” to the interior of the Parque de los Príncipes stadium. Along the way, the South American star appeared in another cross with the Portuguese Jalo, also thrown out of the field.

Neymar and Jalo exchanged words at the door leading to the locker room. The scene flared up when the player “Le Blair” hit Lille’s defender in the face. Immediately, the staff of both clubs and security guards had to intervene to prevent the athletes from striking.

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Neymar was removed for a double warning against Lille.  (Video: ESPN 3)
Neymar was removed for a double warning against Lille. (Video: ESPN 3)

Similarly, the Portuguese was left with a thorn, nailed by the obvious aggression of the international with the “Canary”. When he went to answer, the human wall prevented the fighters. One way or another, one of Lille’s members fell in the middle of a confused action. While “Ney” continued to utter phrases, until he entered the locker rooms of PSG.

Thus, the Parisians were the big losers of the day in France. Lille won with a score of Jonathan David 1: 0, adding 66 points and ahead of three capitals. In addition, the main star of the team lost control, saw the red, fought in the locker room tunnel and next week will meet with Bavaria in the Champions League.

Neymar was warned for 48 minutes of the match against
Neymar was warned in 48 minutes of the match against “Lille”. (Video: ESPN 3)

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