Saturday , July 31 2021

Viral Video He decided to repair his terrace, and the security camera found a big mistake, which became a trend | TikTok | Social Networks MEXICO

In social networks such as Tik Tok It is easy to find any video, but one in particular attracted the attention of users, as its main character was a man who decided to repair his terrace. Interestingly, when he was about to do so, he made a huge mistake that was soon made. viral. See from start to finish!

It turns out that the person, whose identity is unknown, realized that there was a defective wooden board on the floor of the terrace in the back garden of his house, so he decided to change it himself, without asking for help. .

The recording recorded by the security camera shows the exact moment when he is going to put a new wooden board on the terrace floor. Placing it in an empty space, the man decided to step on it, but without first nailing it.

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For this reason, when he put his weight on one end of the board, the other end came up and hit him right in the face, causing him to fall. “When your husband tries to fix what he shouldn’t”, says the description of the video published in the account Tik Tok @abbyalexan, on April 4 this year.

Thanks to all of the above, the clip eventually went viral on the platform, playing on other social networks by users from Mexico, the United States and Spain. Currently, it does not stop generating reactions of all kinds.



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