Saturday , January 23 2021

Who's in another mobility?

Having driven by international commissions or large corporate technology that focuses on mobility such as Uber or Cabify, the tendency of deviation skids and electric bikes have begun to penetrate in some areas of the Mexico City.

In particular, areas such as the Condesa, Rome, Polanco, Del Valle and Naples like bikes and scooters in the streets, are usually ordered by young consumers, although this is not unique to thousands of years. Although they have different business plans, the price range of these services is five pesos of the trip of 30 minutes and some are subscribed every day, month or year.

Ricardo Weder, director of the Latin American Mobility Association, estimated that these new mobility platforms are part of what the society is trying to do more and more in the city by integrating them into mobility; However, it recognizes that there is a need for greater coherence between platforms in order to promote its good use and even adjustment to existing mobility law that can be included.

"We are looking for inclusive regulation with another platform union so that we can get more mobility options," said Ricardo Weder, director of the association in an interview with Expand

Although these are options that can facilitate traffic in the city, electric and non-equivalent vehicles, they are not considered as such in the mobility law and there are no clear rules in terms such as places to leave off-street equipment or insurance that corresponds to them if they are associated with an accident.

With regard to the business potential of these mobility options, Technavio estimated that the electric bike market was registered at a value of 7,400 million dollars in 2017, while the scooters were estimated at 16,300 million dollars in 2017, according to Grandview data. Research.

Currently operating companies at CDMX of these proposals are VBike, Mobike, Dezba, Calch, Bird, Grin and Movo in hand with Cabify and in 2019 Uber will take its service under the Jump brand in both categories.

Here's what they're offering.

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