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Bato: Cut off my head if the EDC is sponsored by the state


Senator Ronald Bato of Rose's business said on Friday he would have to cut off his head if it was proven that extrajudicial killings in the Philippines were sponsored by the state.

This happened after the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted a resolution requiring a comprehensive report on the human rights situation in the Philippines, including alleged extrajudicial killings during the government war on drugs.

"The government-funded state of the" Gusto Talaga NILA "has" nailed the war on drugs "," No, I will be chopped off if it is under public funding, "he told reporters.

"Pugutan ninyo if ng ulo kung" sponsored by the state & nbsp; samias ninyong EJK. "

The Philippine Government said the police killed about 6,600 people in shootouts with suspected drug traffickers, as President Dürtte was elected in 2016 on a platform for devastating crimes.

Activists claim that the fee is at least 27 thousand.

On Thursday, the first resolution on the Philippines, headed by Iceland, was adopted by voting 18 countries for 14, including China, with 15 abstained, including Japan.

"This is not just a step towards justice for thousands of families of victims of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, but it is also a message that we collectively send to those who praised President Dürtt," said Elliser Budith, Carlos Human Rights Group from Manila, iDefend.

"This war on drugs, as we have repeatedly said, is a war," he said at a briefing in Geneva.

Filipino activists say tens of thousands are killing how the police terrorize poor communities by using "drug monitoring lists" to identify suspected users or traders, and execute many under the guise of sting operations.

Police deny this, stating that all their killings were self-defense.

Mika Ulpina, a 3-year-old killed on June 29 near Manila, was one of the last and youngest known victims. The police say her father, Renato, used his daughter as a human shield.

Del Rosa, the former head of the Philippine National Police, who led the Oplan Tohang Administration campaign, previously refused Ulpini's murder, saying that the world is not perfect and "it's happening."

& # 39; Batu & # 39; about baby's death in police operations: S ** t is happening

Later he apologized for his comments, saying that he chose his words badly.

Cause Rosa has long defended the war with the administration of drugs, calling it "imperfect, but not false."

Earlier, he said that only 2 percent of all police involved in drugs.


Representative Dürtte, Salvador Panello, questioned the validity of a resolution that was not supported by the majority of council members, stating that the Filipinos in the overwhelming majority supported the unique leadership and approach of the president.

"The resolution is grotesque one-sided, outrageously narrow and maliciously guerrilla," Panelo said in a long-term statement.

"She is a gloomy politician who is completely devoid of respect for the sovereignty of our country, even if she is devoid of terrible realities of the narcotic threat."

The 47-member delegation from the Philippines lobbied against a resolution that requires national authorities to prevent extrajudicial killings and to work with British human rights activist Michelle Bachelet, who should report back to her conclusions in June 2020.

Philippines Ambassador Evan Garcia has said that the Dürft administration is committed to justice, adding: "We will not tolerate any form of disrespect or unfair actions. It will have consequences, far-reaching consequences."

Laila Matar of New York, Human Rights Watch, criticized his comments.

"It was clear that they threatened the consequences for those who supported the resolution, which in turn caused concern among many human rights activists, civil society activists and journalists on the ground," she said at a briefing.

Dürth, asked by journalists in Manila, would allow him to investigate human rights officials, saying, "Let them declare their purpose and I will review it."

If Dürtte allowed the investigation to be conducted impartially, Panelo said: "We are confident that his result will only lead to the humiliation of investigators, as well as Iceland and 17 other countries." From Reuters

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