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Kylie Minogue sparkles on Glastonbury's scene 14 years after the battle for cancer


GLASTONBURY, England (Reuters) – Kylie Minogue is pleased to have a huge crowd in Glastonbury with hits including "Spinning Around", "Shocked" and "Better the Devil You Know", 14 years after the illness caused her to cancel the performance at the festival.

Kylie, as she is well-known, has played all the popular disco pop hits the audience came to hear from "I Should Be So Lucky," its breakthrough in 1988, number one worldwide, until the release of All the Lovers 2010.

In 2005, Minogue was named "Glastonbury", the world's largest "greenfield" festival, but was forced to leave after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I wanted everything to be different, but life is what it is," she said, blocking tears of emotion. "We are all here at this moment."

She said that some performers in 2005 covered her songs, and she congratulated on stage one of them, Chris Martin, Coldplay, to join her in the performance "Can not pull you out of my head."

The concert turned halfway through when former singer Nick Cave joined the 51-year-old for a ballad with a murder on the topic "Where grow wild roses."

But the serious interlude was brief in the show, which featured a blast of rainbow pride of confetti, four costume variations, and a massive sangalong from the solar power of the crowd, including the final Spinning Around.

American singer Miley Cyrus followed suit and opened a collaboration with Mark Ronson, who joined her on stage.

Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, also appeared during the show performing "Old Town Road," with a Lil Nas X replica.

The American rock group Vampire Weekend will play the main Stage pyramid later on Sunday before the British rock band The Cure closes the festival.

Additional reporting by Anna Rantali; Editing by Kate Holton

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