Tuesday , June 15 2021

Agata Młynarska showed up in a wedding dress

In March 2014, Agata Młynarska married for the third time in her life. This time, she chose her heart to become a business adviser and legal advice Przemysław Schmidt. The couple married a Warsaw civil office. Only witnesses who took part in an unusual moderate ceremony, apart from a young couple. They did not even inform their family or friends. They did not want to make an event of this media ceremony. Has the journalist changed his mind now?

Agata Młynarska published an image of Viola Piekut's salon on Instagram. She showed herself to the Internet users in a beautiful, beautiful dress.

– Viola Piekut's clothing especially for me. Mollusc, silk, white white. Shine the autumn gray. Closed in the closet waiting for your second … – wrote the photographer under the picture.

Viola Piekut is known for not designing unique and original wedding dresses for many famous Polish people. Recently she dressed her, among others Agnieszka Kaczorowska.

The fancers immediately stated that such a dress was perfect for a wedding. In the comments, they did not release the journalist either praised.

"Clothes of this kind only for the wedding …", "Lovely, you look beautiful in it", "Beautiful, perfect for a wedding", "Y & Looking beautiful "- Rhodri users wrote in love.

It seems that everything shows that Młynarska has decided to have a real wedding. She's brushed to stand on the carpet again, but this time in a beautiful white dress. A church ceremony may be prepared. We will definitely find out soon.

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