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In Poland, energy comes from RES in almost 70 percent. from solid biofuel combustion, and wind farms (at Stramnica near Kołobrzeg) provide only 14 per cent. what is called. energy "green"

In 2017, the proportion of energy from renewables in the final gross energy consumption decreased by 0.32 percentage points. up to 11 per cent of 11.3 per cent in the previous year – had notified Friday, November 16, at the Office of Central Statistics Central Statistics Office.

According to EU law, Poland must reach 15 per cent in 2020. A proportion of energy from RES in final gross energy consumption. The CSO explains that the ratio of energy from RES to the final energy use is calculated as the maximum use value of renewable sources and the final energy use of every source and it is given as a percentage.

RES ratio in 2017 decreased by 0.32 per cent.
He informed the Office that this ratio had decreased in 2017 by 0.32 percentage points. o 'compared to 2016
It was explained that the main reason was the increase in the use of gross final energy (approximately 6.5%).
– The use of energy from renewable energy sources also increased during the period in question, but not so dynamic (of about 3.4%) – he added.

The proportion of renewable energy in primary energy increased to 14.1 per cent.
The CSO also said on Friday that the proportion of energy from RES in total primary energy increased in 2013-2017 by 11.9%. up to 14.1 percent

In Polish renewables almost 70 percent. solid biofuels
In Poland, renewable energy is mainly obtained from solid biofuels (67.9 per cent). The next places included: wind energy (14%) and liquid biofuels (10%).
Total energy and primary energy value from sources renewed in Poland last year was 383 168 TJ. Energy use from renewable sources has increased slightly in recent years and has increased from 360,000 TJ in 2013 to 374,000 TJ in 2017 – the Office added.

Unpopular RES in industrial installations
The Office of Central Statistics explained that the feature of the energy use structure of RES had been characterized by a relatively large proportion (59 per cent) of end-users and less (41 per cent) consumption for energy conversion input; the use of the energy sector itself is trivial.

– The above shares indicate that energy carriers from renewable sources in Poland are often used by industrial (commercial) installations, where energy transitions derive from energy carriers ( electricity and heat) are introduced to those receiving – it has been underlined.

Transport, electric power and heating by RES
He informed the Office, in the case of electricity, that the proportion of energy from RES in the final gross energy consumption decreased by 0.27 percentage points. in relation to 2016 and as a result of an increase in the use of renewable energy by around 0.4%. with a significant increase in the total consumption of electricity (approximately 2.5%).

In this information, the proportion of renewable energy energy in the final use was added to increase 0.28 percentage points in the case of transport. compared to 2016. As explained, this was the result of an increase in the use of renewable energy (around 25 per cent) with a lower increase in the total use of energy in transport (around 17 per cent can not).

As with electricity, also in heating and cooling, the energy share of RES decreased. And this time, by 0.13 pp. As explained by the Office of Central Statistics (GUS), this was due to the increase in the use of renewable energy by around 2%. with an increase at the same time as the total energy consumption by around 3%.

NIK: 15% target at risk of RES in gross energy consumption in 2020
In the report published on Thursday, the Supreme Audit Office informed the 15% target that the share of renewable energy in energy consumption in 2020 may be at risk. According to the House, if we do not increase the proportion of renewable energy, we will have to buy it abroad.
– The costs of this transfer may be up to PLN 8 billion – assessed.

ME: no threats, the RES development accelerates
Meanwhile, the energy ministry argued in response to the report, thanks to government operations, that the delays in the renewable energy sector can catch up and accelerate. The Ministry ensured that the RES target for 2020 will be implemented.

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