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NBA: Transfer Market – Day 1! Bombs for beginners!


Get ready! At midnight a window will open for the NBA, meaning clubs will be able to officially submit offers for new contracts to players who are so-called "free agents", meaning they do not have a valid contract with any team. Even before midnight the whole internet roars! Kevin Durant and Kiriy Irving will sign contracts with Brooklyn Nets! They will join DeAndre Jordan!

The most important information!

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  • We also describe the most important information in individual articles. However, at every moment, rumors. Therefore, we want all the most important rumors and solutions to be in one place. If someone does not have time to watch social media for a day, then we do it for you – we choose the information.

You can find a list of all free players here. July 1, players enter the market and can sign a contract with any club, but if they are "reserved free agents," their existing club has the opportunity to align the offer.

In the beginning, check out the news from "DAY ZERO" Sunday, where recorded 20,000 hits!

NBA: Most Important Rumors Before Opening the Transmission Window! Free NBA agents – ZERO day!

Opening the NBA Money Market – July 1 – 1st day:

At the beginning of BOMB! Kevin Durant (Warriors) and Kyrie Irving (Celtics) will sign the contracts Brooklyn Network! He will also join them Deandre Jordan (Nix). However, you should remember that due to serious injury Durant (broken Achilles tendon) KD will lose all season 2019/2020 and will return to the game NBA only in season 2020/2021. More about Durant and Irving's contracts at Nets here.

Chris Middleton stays Milwaukee Bucks. Signs a $ 178 million contract worth $ 178 million!

Brooke Lopez also plans to stay Milwaukee Bucks they will offer him a $ 52 million four year contract.

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