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Poor hospital information. Sophia Floersch breaks a screw

Grand Prix Macau organizers gave a health message to Sophia Floersch, who took part in an accident during Formula race 3. The child has a 17-year-old spine. Her life is not at risk.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera


/ Pictured: Sophia Floersch

Sophia Floersch's accident happened at the Grand Prix Macau race pitch. A car driven by a young German woman shooting to the sky and hitting the protective bands. As a result of this incident, other people suffered – photographers and one of the functionalists.

Immediately after the crash, Floersch complained of back pain. As the race organizers said on the Guide track, there was a German spinal cut. However, her life is not at risk. The Floersch car was accelerated to 276.2 km / h at the time of the accident.

– It was a terrible accident. I saw a yellow flashing lamp that warned of danger, so I fired. The organizers are probably a mistake. Sophia was very close to Jehan, so when she was cracked, she did not have time to respond. Turning back his car and flying into the sky – Guan Yu Zhou's driver described the accident, which rose just behind Floersch in this part of race.

Alexander's father is watching at the Floersch hospital. – We must thank the angels who came with her at the time of the accident – said Frits van Amersfoort, the head of the team in which Germany starts.

Two other drivers involved in the collision, photographers and one of the officers were sent to the hospital. Tsuboi Sho, where Floersch has arrived, complains about pain in the spine and that further research is waiting for him. Chan Chan In, which has secured the unlucky corner, has broken cover, stomach abstractions and surface wounds.

Photographer Chan Weng Wang hurt the liver and he has to wait in hospital for more observation. The second photocopier's situation is similar. Minami Hiroyuki will continue under the care of doctors in the next few days due to excitement.

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