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Roman Giertych: on Monday, I will present a record of the KNF – Wiadomości at the office and prosecutor

He wrote "Gazeta Wyborcza" on Tuesday, according to Leszek Czarnecki, the owner of the Bank of Getin Noble, who proposed the chair of the Financial Supervisory Authority in March 2018 in favor of this bank in return for some PLN 40 million. Czarnecki recorded this motion and informed the prosecutor's office about the suspicion of committing a crime by the head of the KNF. On Tuesday afternoon, Marek Chrzanowski announced that he resigned from the post of chair of the Financial Supervisory Authority. First Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accepted the redundancy.

Suggestions for favoring when recording

According to "GW", of the recording that transmitted its transcript Czarnecki – owner of the Getin Noble Bank and Idea Bank – to the public prosecutor's office together with notifying the crime, he suggested that Chrzanowski would offer the following favorites: moving from the KNF Zdzisław Sokal, the president's representative of the Commission and the head of the Bank The Guarantee Fund, because he is a fan to acquire Czarnecki banks by the state; facilitating the increased financial consequences and what is known as higher risk (this costs the bank for PLN 1 billion) and the KNF and NBP friendly approach to the restructuring plans of Czarnecki banks .

The business business last week made a notification of the possibility of committing crimes by Marek Chrzanowski when he was chair of the Financial Supervisory Commission.

"The goal was to get Leszek Czarnecki bank"

On Saturday, Giertych emphasized the record on his Facebook profile that "the second notification was about the offense of misusing powers, but also indicating the possibility of an organized criminal group that had a" Aim of transferring bank Leszek Czarnecki, this story was worth a billion dollars of the stock market. "

"The mechanism of this act included brutal use of the position of a public regulator, ie the Financial Supervisory Authority, whose task is to oversee banks and other financial institutions. From 2017, new conditions for the operation of the bank were compiled to be managed by the KNF. And when the owner secured these, at an established meeting with the KNF, Marek Chrzanowski asked a new capital based on Mr. Sokal's activities sent to the auditors. The men did not intend to transfer bank with foreign capital (there is a likelihood of EU intervention or a country of capital origin). They decided to take the only large private bank with Polish capital, "said Giertych.

"On Monday, I will present a record of Leszek Czarnecki's conversation with Marek Chrzanowski and other KNF representatives, made in July of this year. Marek Chrzanowski already knew that his corruption proposal had refused" – wrote Giertych. "He went on to implement the Zdzisław scheme", he added.

"Andrzej Duda is one of the most important witnesses"

According to Giertych, "on the tape that you can hear and see (this video recording), as representatives of the state office without embarrassing, confirms that they know about the plan to take over the bank for PLN 1 ". "They also confirm that this member of the committee has fully insisted on the auditor to increase the capital requirements for Getin Noble Bank SA, and use the # 39; The fact that such pressures have been made, they portray with open integrity their intention to make such decisions that will lead to this acquisition "- wrote the lawyer.

At the same time, he noted that Marek Chrzanowski "is so sure that he ensures that no-one can dismiss him until the end of the three-year term, not even the prime minister." "In my opinion, the second notice that I submitted was much more serious than normal + corruption + in the performance of the head of the Financial Supervisory Authority," emphasized Giertych.

"In the light of the statement of the President of the Republic of Poland that he supports the activities of his representative in the PFSA, the basic question is: whether we dealt with the activities of individual PFSA members or that the bank was a political and economic plan. The prosecution in Katowice will be Andrzej Duda – President of the Republic of Poland "- wrote Giertych.

He added that "the tape that records the operation of the Zdzisław Sokal scheme together with the original carrier will be presented on Monday to continuous investigation files (despite the circulation rumors, the talk L. Czarnecki with the president of the NBP) ".

Hearing a businessman on Monday

Giertych did not want to comment on the presidential minister Błażej Spychalski. – The case occurs. We hope that the authorities will explain this issue quickly. We are waiting for decisions – he emphasized

On Thursday, the Office of the National Public Prosecutor announced a message on the website, where he emphasized that Czarnecki's attorney had already filed two "crime notices", and only with the second file filed on 13 November, attached a storage media.

The hearing takes place by the Office of the National Prosecutor's Office at Katowice, Leszek Czarnecki, on November 19.

What does the KNF do?

The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF) is the central authority of the state authorities that oversee the financial market and insurance market. It was established in 2006 by the Act on Financial Supervision.

The First Minister exercises oversight over the PFSA, and has 7 people. These are: the chairman, two deputies of the chairman and the other four members – President of the National Bank of Poland, representative of the President of the Republic of Poland, the minister is eligible for financial institutions and the minister; applicable for social security.

The main tasks of the Commission are to control control over the banking sector, the capital market, insurance and pensions, as well as electronic money organizations.

The PFSA is to ensure the proper functioning of the financial market, including its stability, transparency and security, and ensuring that its participants protect.

The responsibilities and powers of the Commission regarding the insurance market include protecting the interests of insured people and preventing situations where an insurance company can not pay the due benefit of the insurance.

The KNF is also involved in promoting activities that serve the proper functioning, development and competitiveness of the financial market, as well as educational activities and information in this area.

The Commission also prepares draft legislation relating to the supervision of the financial market. It also deals with enabling the illegal and proportionate settlement of disputes between market participants.


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