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Statement of Wisla Krakow on loans for the club

On Saturday, Yaroslav Korolevsky, in the "State of Football" program, said that along with Yakub Blashchikovsky and "his friend", whose personal data he did not want to disclose, they borrow Vishla 4 million zloty so that she could really think about the game in the spring season in Lockhart Extraclass On Monday evening, Royal said on Twitter that the third – Tomasz Jajdzhinsky, who since 2017 is chairman of the board of Gremi Media SA. He was a member of the supervisory boards IAB Polska and Polskie Badania Internet Internet Sp. Z o.o .. In 2004, he was awarded the title "Man of the Year of the Polish Internet". Three years later, he was awarded the title of "Manager of the Year", and in 2009 received the MIXX awards for his life achievements.

Yaroslav Korolevsky assured that his friend is a great specialist and a good person.

A minute later, the official statement posted on the site is Wisla Krakow, in which he explains that he will be allocated 4 million zloty which he will receive from the Royal, Yazdzhinsky and Blashchikov. At the same time, it was noted that "for the period necessary to solve the problem of preserving the football section, the sports association" Wisla Krakow "will refrain from the current influence on the management of the joint stock company".

Below is a full version of Wisla Krakow's statement.

"On January 14, 2019, contracts were signed, according to which Vysla Krakov SA received 4 million crimes, which will be available within a few days. For the period necessary to solve the problem of preserving the football section, the sports association" Wisla Krakow " "cease from the current influence on the management of a joint-stock company.

The steps required by the Wisla Krakow team to begin preparations for the spring round, and therefore for the start of the competition, were provided by three people in equal parts. They will be transferred to the Cape Equity for a guaranteed loan, provided by the sports association Wisla Krakow. One of the elements of contract enforcement is the suspension of the Wisla Krakow Sports Association Law for the current influence on the management of Wisła Kraków SA.

– The lack of cash, at least as high as a guaranteed loan, would eventually close the Wisla Krakow's participation in the spring tour in the middle of this week. Seeing the enormous mobilization of the club's supporters, we decided to launch funds, "says Tomasz Jajzyński, one of the lenders. – We strive to create a time that will allow you to find a targeted solution that will allow you not to eliminate JSC "Wisla Krakow". In my case, the motivation was that at least one person from Krakow was among the rescuers of the Vistula River, – he adds.

At the same time, those involved in the rescue of the club carry out intensive activities aimed at finding a target model for financing activities of Wisła Kraków SA. The work is carried out in many ways and includes several concepts of ownership structure.

– We make every effort to find an investor. It is very important for us to involve the community – we have ideas on how to use it so that nobody feels deceived. We have allocated funds in an emergency, we do not strive to achieve any financial benefits – we only help, – sum up Yaroslav Kolevsky, the one who guarantees the funds.

Press service of Vistula S. Krakov

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