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The amphitheater will roam again. Falubaz Zielona Góra will present his strong team of speedway

Falubaz fans will not be disappointed. Dreaded for successes, they will certainly come to the team's introduction, which is in the 2019 season fighting for medals in PGE Ekstralidze. On Saturday, there will be an opportunity for the first time in the Zielona Gora team to see new players – Dane Nick Pedersen, Slovak Martin Vaculik and Norbert Krakowiak junior. Of course, there will also be those who successfully saved Falubaz from falling to the first division, including Patrick Dudek, Piotr Protasiewicz, Michael Jepsen Jensen.

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The Amphitheater event will start at 5 pm, the fans will be able to go to the facility half an hour earlier. Entry is free, but organizers together with the Falubaz Support Society only and the Falubaz Pomaga Foundation encourage you to bring a chocolate bar. All the collected tanks will go to pencils, which will be transferred to needy children in the Falikoaze Mikołajki framework.

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Details of the presentation have been hidden in mystery. The club shows only the fans will watch, among others a film about the 2018 season prepared by FalubazTV and short video prospects of each player. Everything will be presented on the largest LED screens in history. Not all effective speedway and multimedia players are everything, as the organizers publish a few more surprises.

In the past, the amphitheater has carried out Falubaz slags several times. The last time before the 2010 season. A team presentation was presented before the last term. However, the event was canceled at the last minute due to bad weather. This time the weather will be much more graceful.

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Falubaz fans took possession of this object for the first time before the 2005 season. Three other terms, the Amphitheater turned into a high fort of speed fans. – We really remember the presentations in the amphitheater, mainly due to the acoustics, because in this regard there is a unique place in Zielona Góra – said Marcin Grygier, marketing director at the Zielona Góra club.

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The Amphitheater events are also proud of Piotr Protasiewicz, one of Falubaz icons. Not only because he took the role of a team captain eight years ago. – Piast Hills, where the Amphitheater has locked, it's close to me, I grew up there. And parents still live, 200 meters in a straight line of the object – says "Protas".

He also won amphitheater events in an important place in the club's history because of other events. Here, among others Andrzej Huszcza announced the end of a great and lasting 33-year career for a fast rider. Here, pupil Stal Gorzów, Piotr Świst, shouted the "Percentage of Falubaz 100" famous to the microphone.

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Amphitheater can not lose music stars. Urszula Dudziak and Big Cyc and Golden Life, and guided presentations, among others, appeared Canal + Daria Kabała-Malarz journalist and TVP journalists Włodzimierz Szaranowicz, Przemysław Babiarz, Rafał Darżynkiewicz.

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