Thursday , June 24 2021

The final decision. A well-known smartphone manufacturer is disappearing from the market

That’s true. LG Electronics has confirmed that it refuses to continue production of smartphones. The reason is huge losses, which amounted to $ 4.5 billion over the past six years.

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The mobile department must be closed by July 31. However, the Koreans guarantee that service support and update support will not disappear overnight, but will depend on the region.

Some models will also have the latest version of the latest Android 12 operating system.

Changing priorities

The Korean manufacturer has not withstood the rapid pace of development in the mobile telephony market. For a long time, LG Electronics was third among consumers after Samsung and Apple. LG, however, has been hit by Chinese companies, including Huawei or OPPO.

The company wants to spend the money saved on the smartphone market on the development of its other divisions. LG Electronics is a valuable manufacturer of components for electric vehicles and smart home solutions.





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