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The Huawei foldable smartphone is ready. I wonder what Samsung is for

A few days ago, Samsung revealed the first details about his smart phone folding. She has long been known, however, that Huawei is also preparing a similar device. According to the latest reports, the Chinese equipment is ready and went to the Korean operators to prove. I wonder what a Korean maker is for this.

It is hard to predict how average customers will respond to smart folding phones. First, they want to check Samsung and Huawei. Both manufacturers work hard on such materials sweating their pastures. A few days ago, Coreans even showed an active prototype, although it was about delivering a predominantly flexible display, not the device itself (which, as well, had tightly covered ).

Samsung showed a smart phone folding. As if …

Interestingly, Samsung himself did not want to submit any statements about smartphone setup date on the market, but it's spoiled in this … Google. Working to the group of Mountain View, Dave Burke, the device was aborted starting at the beginning of 2019.

However, Huawei does not reveal any information about her smart phone that has folded – except for her first performance for 2019. However, the Korean South Korean ETNews learned that the device was already ready and even passed test for operators. Why there, if the Chinese wanted a Samsung dope?

The most likely … no. The point is that Huawei's mobile phone is a 5G modem on the board, and South Korea is one of the first countries that the 5G network will be commercially available. So, it's just a strategic decision, even though it's interesting at the same time that Samsung was expecting to move from such a competitor.

By the way, we also learn that there are flexible screens for mobile phones Huawei provides BOE, which also produces displays including for Mate 20 Pro. After disclosure of the panel there is (probably) an inch of 8 inches, and after bending 5 inches. As a reminder, the proposal prepared by Samsung has a 4.6 "(" "640 pixel pixel, 420 ppi) screen outdoors, while a 7.3-inch screen (2152 × 1536 pixels, 420 ppi) is inside.

Tabletowo.pl Huawei smart phone folds ready. I wonder what Samsung Samsung Huawei Smartphones is

Samsung smart phone folding (photo: SamMobile)

For now, it is unclear exactly when both manufacturers present their smart folding phones, but many sources suggest that both will do so at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, ​​and # 39; n starts on February 25, 2019.

* In the photo title of Huawei Mate 20 Pro (under the link you will see its review, prepared by Kasia)

Source: Thanks to ETNews to Phone Arena; SamMobile

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