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We played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. First impressions of the game


By a special invitation from Infinity Ward Kraków, I had the opportunity to see the Call of Duty campaign, fire shooting mode, and interviewed the studio head. I want to enter a new mode for a good start.

Shooting (in the Polish version of Shooter) bets on the battle of two teams that land on a very small map. The situation is so interesting that at the very beginning we even see our opponents – then you have to quickly evade, give instructions to your partner and we can start playing! Before the match, we can not choose weapons, privileges or special gadgets, because all equipment is distributed by the system, and most importantly – each player has the same weapon. What does it mean? We played the first fight with … Sniper. Of course, each of the journalists on the scene knew that the sniper did not work on a small map, so we pulled out an ordinary gun (a second weapon) and began to hunt.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay 1

It is "hunting" that best describes the shooting experience, since the developers have not yet come up with two interesting ideas – they have refused to regenerate the health, and if none of the competitors dies in the first 40 seconds, the flag is in the center of the map . Then you need to get a place and protect it for three seconds to get the point. Each match takes up to six wins.

The shooting duels are interesting because they offer a very varied experience. Sometimes, holding a machine gun in a catch, you can not steal, and everyone counts on an open fight and is looking for an opponent's head, although there are clashes when the player hides his head in the bushes and takes a very tactical character. It is here that the greatest advantage of the latest offer is the Infinity Ward – the gameplay is very diverse. The designers of the regime have come up with a very interesting idea, which actually protects itself, but, of course, the cards are a great achievement.

At the exhibition, I had the opportunity to run for the king (interior of the warehouse) and pine (the space in a thick forest), and even in this case, I got two different views of the developer from the developers. It was easier for the king to see the rival, I managed to find the target faster, and again on Pine, there was a lot of fun to "catch me if you can." On the day of the premiere, of course, we will get a lot more seats – even on the Net you can find matches from the Stack (desert area with containers).

Of course, you should know that Gunfire is one of the new things – I've seen some additional rides in the game menu, but you have to wait until August 1 for all details from the online mode (and my full impressions). Then a full multi-user presentation will take place Service Required: Modern Warfareand you can believe me … There is something to expect. At the moment, I was very surprised – perhaps not even Gunfire (although the regime really liked it), Infinity Ward went in a very good direction. The new Call of Duty is smoother than its predecessors, the heroes move more realistically, the sensation of weapon indulges and virtually every toy offers different sensations. The studio has exquisite animations – you can see new movements with ease on the presented materials, more reliable pens … It is much better.

This is not the time for all the details, but even in Gunfire you will see the possibility of a fast slip run. The movement opens up many options, but the one that should be highlighted, the creators did not overdo the distance slide. This is a good option, especially on small maps, where our skills are the most. There is no casual murder, and the lack of regeneration increases adrenaline. Another novelty tested during the competition is the ability to put weapons on the wall – for example, we can easily lift the wall, hide your head, and then set the mosquito in the designated place. It reduces the return and allows it to be ideally aimed at approaching the victim. Players can also lean over the corner – the corresponding setting increases the ability of the character and actually affects the ability of the attacker. What is missing in the new mode? Pleasure. The duels are very tense and I'm not surprised when Infinity Ward, in this version of the game, will resist the competition of electronic sports, because the whole is perfect.

Interestingly, this, of course, promises a smooth transition between different regimes – the creators share the story and progress between the campaign, network struggle and still undiscovered cooperation. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth emphasizing Service Required: Modern Warfare it looks much (!) better in the war scenario, where we can literally feel the new engine – you will not see it on the materials presented (they come from Gunfire only), but the developers did crazy work, offering absolutely new technology. My full impression of the campaign is only on the portal, but now I can recall – if Infinity Ward provides the right emotions, we will talk about a real revolution … From the point of view of technology, there is no doubt a long-awaited breath of freshness. I play all the AAA titles available on the market, and during the Modern Warfare campaign in simple words: I lost my cop.

And what better? That's it (Gunfire and Campaign) worked on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. How is it possible? At Infinity Ward, you will not find wizards, and talented developers who have prepared the engine from scratch – holding a controller in your legs, seeing the campaign, you will feel new technology. Michal Drobot (head of the Infinity Krakow studio and the charlatan who is responsible for the entire engine) told me in a conversation that the current generation has several juices to squeeze out and, honestly, I've already seen them during the regime … But you will read about it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay 2

Summing up the first impressions Service Required: Modern Warfare – Gunfire provides a variety of gameplay, which can once surprise you with the dynamics (the round lasts for 20 seconds?), And sometimes hit a tactical flash. This will not be a solution for everyone, but if you prefer a stock offering a lot of experience and a ton of fun at a fast speed, you will be very pleased. At the same time, during my visit to Krakow's "Infinity Ward", I experienced what all the Call of Duty fans had been waiting for years. The creators offer an entirely new engine that can capture … And of course this is just the beginning, because nobody can say it aloud, I'm convinced that this technology will allow the further development of the Call of Duty parts, and the engine and all the technology will show. only your true face and claw … Although now very, very good.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – this is a year. This is Call of Duty … And this is a campaign (we hope that they will solve this topic only in a script …). Want more? Come to the PPP – I'll soon post full impressions about the campaign and the interview … It's just the beginning.

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