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ZUS will reach the simulators! I want to send an email and call home [15.01.2019]

Social security and modernity. Is the landline phone the best way to prosecute?

Innpoland informed ZUS about the idea. The portal reports that ZUS officials want to obtain new permits to facilitate the fight against people who require sick leave.
The problem is due to the fact that many workers consider l4 as a rest. Instead of lying in bed, the simulators go for holidays or arrange repairs.

Social security wants to kill two birds with one stone, using emails and call the landline phone:

  • check whether the patient is in bed;
  • invite the patient for further examinations.

To date, verification can only be done with the help of a recommended letter.

ZUS idea without a chance to succeed?

Most likely, ZUS's idea can not be realized.

One of the reasons is the limited number of landline phones. As Innpoland predicted, at present, less than seventeen people still use this communication method. Most of us use cell phones.

It is also worth noting that an employee should not provide the employer with a home or private email address.

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