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"Awareness Week for Human Diseases" – November 19-23 – DiariOnline Newspaper South Region

The Prostate Focus Therapy Institute warns of men's urological diseases

In a month that is traditionally dedicated to raising prostate cancer awareness, the Prostate Focus Therapy Institute promotes "Awareness of Human Diseases Week", with a focus on Independent Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and evaluation.19 to November 23 – "Awareness Week for Human Diseases"

The Prostate Focus Therapy Institute, a medical clinic specializing in urology and new soap therapies, promotes "Awareness Week of Human Diseases" from November 19-23. The objective is to sensitize the male population to different prostate diseases, encouraging open discussion and early and effective diagnosis.

"We want to inform some of the diseases that cause men today, as well as prostate cancer. Prehistoric ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and inadequate prostate hyperplasia are the diseases of the world that are, although not less well-known, and less serious – without having less impact on the lives of patients and even their families ", emphasizes José Sanches de Magalhães, a surgeon's doctor and founder of the Prostate Therapy Institute of Focus.

For five days some initiatives have taken place, such as the offer of evaluation consultations, a public and public lecture lecture and an online questionnaire that assesses the severity of symptoms in huge prostate hyperplasia : the International Prostate Symptom Score. To gain access to evaluation consultations, you need to complete the questionnaire on the Prostad Focus Therapy Institute page, at the link. The result is returned almost immediately and, if the value reached is more than or equal to 20, the applicant may call for the appointment of one of the 10 proposed medical evaluation consultations by the Institute this week.

Independent Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is a very clinical condition, although it is a very common condition: it affects about 30% of men over 65 in Portugal and may have symptoms of 50 years . Sometimes the symptoms are light: urination is more frequent, especially at night, the difficulty of exhausting the bladder, or the complete urinate discomfort. At other times, symptoms are very uncomfortable and can get worse, with a risk of urinary retention leading to the need for surgery. It is important to note that sexual inactivity is also usually associated with exacerbating urinary symptoms.

The complications of disease sequence are urinary (obstruction), regular urinary tract infections, urine blood, bladder stones, and renal failure.

For mild light symptoms, there is a pharmaceutical therapy or some invasive treatments. For aggravated symptoms, there are currently advanced and currently invasive techniques for Independent Prostatic Hypplasia correction, such as "Green Light" laser surgery.

"Independent Prostatic Hyperplasia is a common situation that is associated with naturally occurring hormonal changes with age. There is a clinical condition that can influence the quality of man's life, but there is & # 39; It's very important to know that BPH is not prostate cancer! It does not turn into prostate cancer, even if no treatment is done " says Sanches de Magalhães. According to this expert, however, BPH and prostate cancer are diseases that can develop them with developing age, so when any symptoms appear, though small, it is advisable to consult & Urology.

According to Sanches de Magalhães, it's never too big to remember that stopping is still the best solution: there are diets rich in fruit, vegetables and vegetables, polyunsaturated fats, lininolelic acid and vitamin D, helps to prevent and possibly reduce the risk of clinical progression in prostate cancer. In addition, some studies indicate that vitamin E, lycopene, selenium and caroten will play a protective role in the prostate as well as alcohol in a moderate amount. Moderate to intensive physical activity reduces the likelihood of a 25% disease compared to a sedentary lifestyle.

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