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Best travel companion is health – C-Studio

Tidy bags, currency change and up-to-date documents are essential on any journey, but your health needs to be treated before, during and after your journey.

It's started with a great deal when we are asked for the holiday map. The difficult equation where: spouse A + spouse holiday B + holiday periods = X. Then the resort option: cultural or paradisiac? The children ask for something "fun", adults want to rest at the same time, to know new places and also, if you do not ask for a lot, a place with places for the youngest.

When the destination of the end is selected, new accounts, including savings of subsidies, travel, wait. Few, the expectation increases, the days are crossed religiously in the calendar. Definitely the final account. It will be an unforgettable holiday. But was it really planning everything?

The journey starts at home.

The importance of tour planning should be more than economical. When planning a journey on international land, one must investigate essentially important aspects such as cultural and religious practices – and the fact that "in Rome, in Roman" also authenticates & # 39; this importance. Regardless of whether you agree with the rules, you should not break them, or otherwise you may be barred in some places or offend the property.

One says that special pressures win before visiting other destinations: "Health is invaluable." This means, instead of relying on luck, you should seek professional information about where you are going. The traveler's advice is just to confirm, for example, the vaccines you have up to date, what you need for some areas of the world, the special care you need … Yes. kind of check adapted, made by medical experts in infectious diseases and tropical medicine, which will not only make you safer but also more restrained.

This consultation should be carried out approximately one month before the trip and by all the members of the family, as care and needs vary not only through a destination, but by age, physical condition and health status. Briefly: it is not appropriate to consult and believe this is relevant, to the letter, The to all elements, even if they all travel to the same place.

Be alert for signs

The importance of the passenger's consultation is more when traveling to risk destinations, but it is useful in any trip. More attention is needed soon, during and after travel, on pregnant women, and children, as they have more risk factors and a more sensitive immune system.

In the consultation, it will be a recommendation of the necessary vaccines, but it is also alert for the care that needs to be taken when feeding and a water assault. Clothes in some destinations are more than cultural importance – it can protect you, for example, of insect foods, which often carry dangerous diseases.

The doctor also advises what medicines the passenger should carry in the suitcase, the signs to be aware of them and how to act if there is any symptom. In the case of vaccines, the only one that the International Health Regulations specifies is mandatory against a yellow fever. However, other vaccines are advised by a destination that protects against coleren, diphtheria, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, flu, rabbit, tetanus and tuberculosis.

After the rest deservedly, you should not lower your guard immediately. The passenger's consultation also tries to diagnose potential and regular travel problems, control of those who spend long periods in high risk areas.

The National Health Service gives a voice to the importance of traveling safely and provides such consultations throughout the country. If you can not go to international vaccination online, where the doctor can then send you the vaccination gains.

When you travel, you know: take and bring health with you.

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