Sunday , January 24 2021

BOLA – The Chamber does not change the castles in Bonfima (Vitoria de Setubal)

Busy day in Bonfim. But without the expected consequences. Contrary to what was reported by the municipality, no changes were made to the stadium’s locks. Maria das Dores Meira City Hall, which owns the surface property, made a technical visit to the fence yesterday, but in the end, the Victorian fence, according to President Paulo Rodriguez, remained intact.

“Everyone saw that there were no changes in the castles. Perhaps the president has decided to change his mind, with the past few minutes, talking to me and realizing the truth and reality of today’s Vitoria, as well as getting to know the president and directors a little more. Maybe it was just a visit to see the objects with your own eyes, “he said at a press conference at the end of the visit.

In turn, the mayor of Setubal, who could not answer questions, summed up the two hours of the visit.

“We have a habit of taking good care of what is the heritage of this city. At the moment, the stadium is a legacy of the Chamber, and we want to take good care of this stadium and the memory of those who brought Setubal fame in 110 years. We don’t want the permission assigned to city council to worsen under construction further. We came here, talked to the management. We have checked how the club works, and now we can improve here in terms of buildings and the field, “he said.

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