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Campaign "Anti-rabies vaccine" for dogs and cats is temporarily suspended


from Redao on 06/30/2019
The campaign is still nThe "Vaccine Vaccine for Animals in Jaguarine" campaign, which has been scheduled and dismissed by the Municipality of Sadeh, is temporarily suspended and awaits the "green light" from the Ministry of Health.

The reason is, according to a communique sent by the City Secretary of the Garden, Mary to Carmo de Oliveira Peliso, about the possible shortage of anticancer vaccine for the immunization of dogs and cats in the state of Co-Paolo, reported by the Pasteur Institute responsible for the manufacture of a rabies vaccine animal

The message sent to the Jaguarini Health Secretary was received from the Campinas Epidemiological Panel directly affiliated with the Secretary of State for Health and signed by Ms. Regina Pacla, Technical Director of Sade II.

The communique proposes that the municipalities suspend production of the material for distribution and any other measures that will result in the cost of the planned vaccine.

Before this news, the municipal secretary Sade, is waiting for confirmation of the number of doses of rabies vaccine against animals, as well as the actual receipt of the material.

"Only after the situation is resolved, we will announce once again that an Antibacterial Vaccine Campaign will be held in Jaguarin," says Mary Maria's secretary to Carmo.

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