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IOS 15 brings a serious bug to some Apple iPhone users

Start of distribution of the operating system iOS 15 started on the last Monday (September 20) and reached millions of smartphones iPhone worldwide latest news from Apple. However, he also made some mistakes or mistakes which caused panic among the affected users.

We are waiting for a general system update, available for Apple’s large portfolio of smartphones, some of the six years, as in the case of the Apple iPhone 6s, which is a good example of a good policy of updating and supporting Cupertino technology.

Apple’s latest system update is iOS 15

Apple iOS 15
The last distribution lasts from September 20.

First of all, it is important to note that this update is available for any iPhone that currently has iOS 13 or iOS 14. Having started distributing it about 24 hours ago, we already have reports of the first errors after installation.

More specifically, it aims inability to find a SIM card in the affected units. That is, after installing the iOS 15 update, the iPhone could not recognize the SIM card. As a result, the phone loses access to mobile networks and communication.

Ora, tal error or the mistake caused a riot of several users who turned to social networks to expose what happened. In addition, they will also file their complaints to Apple itself through support pages / forums and the brand’s official community.

Some iPhones could not recognize the SIM card after the upgrade

Apple iPhone iOS 15
The update is available for older devices such as the iPhone 6s.

The largest number of complaints was registered in China. There, users mostly turned to Weibo to express their dissatisfaction with the manufacturer. Among the most affected devices is the generation of Apple iPhone 12, which after upgrading to iOS 15 introduced the message “No SIM card”, showing that it can not recognize the SIM card.

The problem seems to be limited to China, but we do not rule out the possibility of it occurring in other regions. So, if you are affected by the same problem, leave feedback in the comments to this article.

Users also note that the SIM card detection warning is not displayed in the upper right corner. To date, this is the only notable entry that may make some users think twice before continuing to upgrade.

This is not the first time such a problem has affected the Apple iPhone

The problem of not detecting the network and / or SIM card is not new. In fact, we have already reported similar cases of users who went through this after installing iOS 14.7.1. Also in this case, a warning about an undetected card is displayed.

Fortunately, then all you had to do was reboot your smartphone, and everything started to work properly. However, in this new case, this simple “tool” does not work in all cases.

Therefore, we recommend that you check that your mobile carrier / service provider settings are up to date. This is a simple procedure that you can follow by going to Settings – General – About this iPhone. If new network definitions are available for the upgrade, just click “Ok” to begin installing them.

After that, the error should be corrected. If the problem persists – after rebooting and checking the network settings – we recommend that you contact Apple itself.

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