Monday , August 2 2021

Poisoning kills two children and three adults in Vila Real – Portugal

Five people died during this Sunday afternoon worsening in Rua do Comércio, at Fermentões, in the borough of Sabrosa, in Vila Real.

Of the males, two are women, nine and 14, and there are three adults, two of which are men aged between 50 and 60.

According to CM he was able to find out, deadly victims all belong to the same family nucleus, the bodies that belong to the couple, both the daughters and the man's brother.

However, the causes of this sense have not yet been confirmed by the responsible authorities. Mayor Trosso, Domingos Carvas, has developed to Aberystwyth CM He noted the first theory of poisoning with carbon monoxide, but there are second-version developments that could be poisoning mushrooms.

Commander of Fire Brigade Sabrosa, José Barros, told CM The INEM team confirmed the deaths in place and that family members would have died since Sunday a day. The Comander did not want to promote the possible causes of this failure, but confirmed that he was a family with many economic difficulties and that the houses were incomplete (without windows and roof parts).

The notice was given at 4:39 pm this Sunday by relatives. The PJ from Vila Real was runner-up to the fan and place to collect clues and later the bodies were transported to the Vila Real Foundation or Oporto, and Commander José Barros developed.

According to CM through the PROCIV website, at 6:30 p.m. Fire Brigade and GNR Sabrosa teams were in operation, with a total of 23 men and 12 country vehicles.

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