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Teachers and IVA of trip trips produce disagreement in the "frustration"

Among the hundreds of proposed State Budget (OE) improvements for 2019 presented are at least two suggesting misunderstanding to the left: the number of career time you've got to freeze civil service (including teachers) and VAT on travel intentions.

In the case of the civil service, PCP admits the maximum seven-year term so that employees are fully compensated, in their respective wages, with a full-time careers account. But the payment must start as early as January 2019. The BE expects this recovery to take place within five years, starting from 2019, at a speed to # 39 ; w defined by the discussions. However, if negotiations fail, this recovery will have to be paid at 20% per annum, starting in 2019. Retiring retirement workers can choose to turn off unexpected working time in retirement age sets through discussion.

These proposals resist the Government situation that established the two-year decree law, nine months and 18 days, but this has not yet been published Related Searches. On the right, PSD and CDS have similar offers on public service careers and refer to discussions between government and the unions. Both parties have asked the Government to disclose data regarding the financial impact of the length of service, but only the CDS has included this requirement in the proposed amendments.

With the argument cheating between the parliamentary party of the PS and the prime minister himself, the VAT to apply for the trip trips also shares the "frustration". The PCP stands next to the CDS and PSD in protecting the discounted VAT to 6% for each show, irrespective of where they occur, including trip trips. The PS itself has submitted a bid against the government to move forward to the 6% reduction in VAT, when the Minister for Culture Graça Fonseca has defended the 13% rate for throwing a bull because he thinks "civilizations have evolved". The BE disagrees quickly and even raises up to the highest rate of 23% of VAT for tango shows, on the basis that they are not "art form" and therefore the State can rely on its financing. And the PAN has come to reconsider its sense of vote that is favorable to the OE, if the throwing VAT expires.

Guess for real estate

The PSD offers, in the IRS, that the taxation of real estate gains be discriminated against by the length of ownership of the property. If private individuals sell property within less than one year, the tax will be charged on all capital gains and will be sold between one and two years and 75% of them. If the sale takes place between two and 15 years, it will only focus on 50%. This percentage falls to 25% if the business takes place between 15 and 30 years. From age 30, there will be an exception on the capital gains received. Exceptions are kept in case of reinvestment in another permanent dwelling and the exception for legacies is opened.

The BE proposal seeks to create a new regime for taxation of real estate assets that consider not only the value of buying and selling the property, but also the amount applied in rehabilitation and time work the property will be retained during that time of the property. Blockers create extra for real estate companies and funds (the latter to date is exempt).

The PS simply wants a special scheme for those over 65, who can sell their home and reinvest this money in other products than non-housing, but with certain conditions time limit.


The PSD intends to increase the amount that has been exempt from IMT (Council Tax on Real Property Transfer), from 90 to 130,000 euros. In IMI, the PSD intends to reduce to 0.25% of the lowest limit borough boroughs. The PS does not make any offer in this area because he intends to deal with this in the housing working group shortly after final approval of the Budget – that is, during December.


In terms of the PS proposal, children between them with shared confirmation will have access to the IRS expenses register that is specific to all parents. To encourage savings, the PS offers that the tax regime for retirement savings plans be standardized, whether plans are received individually or phasedly.

Other VAT rates

PAN – People-Animals proposes to extend the VAT exemption from ten thousand to € 15,000 to non-calculated employees scheduled for IRS (green receipts) or IRC (individual companies).

The PS offers that money or sex donations for the Olympic and Paralympic committees or sports entities with public utility status are exempt from VAT by 10% of their value (now 5%) .


The CDS insists on the abolition of the Fuel Tax overpayment (PSI), which would allow to return to 2016. The same case is now adopted by the PSD in OE . After the government promised to reduce the surcharge on gasoline, the PCP admitted that he was discussing with the government on these issues, but he prefers to wait to publish it; the order.


PCP and BE offered VAT to 6% in electricity from contracted power up to 6,9kw. There is a question that neither side puts as close and that is still having developments to the end of the budget process.


The OE expects that the highest education fee in higher education will have the value of two Social Assistance Index (IAS), which is € 856, a reduction of more than 200 euros compared to the value present. The measure was discussed by the BE, but on the right it is not peaceful. The PSD and the CDS are against them, but they are different in their solution: Social Democrats prefer to make the amount associated with reducing tuition fees when building residences university, while centers are keen to channel the amount to the scholarships, increasing the number of students with support.

A socialist is ready to correct the higher education student qualification to continue to qualify for scholarships despite lower tuition fees, and to increase scholarships for the density and inland regions (between 1500 and 1700).

The ENP was able to commit to creating more than 100 rooms in pre-school education.

Civic tax of civil defense

The creation of an urban fee for civil defense is condemned. After PSD, CDS and BE announced that they had voted against, the PCP came together, which implies leading the bill that would fund civil defense. As an object, the Communists will introduce a measure so that the income of insurance premiums can ensure that urban councils fund to fulfill the powers conferred on them in civil defense.


The PS wants the municipalities to contract loans for the acquisition of the private participation in urban semipfublic companies to take place for qualified participation.

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