Monday , September 20 2021

The new video already leaves us dreaming about the iPhone 11

Currently, the world's third-largest mobile device maker, rumors around Apple are permanent. Now we have a new conceptual video based on previous information sources around the iPhone 11 (XI) generation.

Despite the fact that the following iPhones are in a few months, in September 2019, his presentation is determined. This year we have three new mobile devices according to the latest report WallStreetJournal.

Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone, iPhone 11, Apple iPhone 11

However, rumors indicate a triple camera. Something that has already advanced for several weeks circulates to the appearance of a caricature image hinted at on the iPhone 11.

Will this be the best performance for today Apple iPhone 11?

However, we already have a new well-known source in this environment who is responsible for Twitter @Onleaks. His name is Steve Hemmerstoffer, a French leak believes in the launch of the new iPhone with a design similar to that presented in the new video.

It is expected that the alignment of new iPhones will be effectively taken into account with the three new smartphones. The most economical, successful iPhone XR, should support the IPS LCD screen. On the other hand, the upper version of the iPhone 11 can already present a sophisticated triple camera.

However, we also have a standard version of the Apple iPhone 11, equipped with a dual camera. In short, the alignment is extremely identical to the current generation presented in September 2018.

Consequently, with this in mind, we have a new conceptual video of designer Vakar Khan. It's hard not to notice the peculiar design of the main, triple camera.

First, a triple camera, only in the top model

The configuration and design that, according to Steve Hemmertoffer, are Apple. Something seriously raises serious doubts about this aspect.

Secondly, we can also note the presence of a more reserved deduction. Something that undoubtedly will work with Apple to maximize the useful area of ​​the front panel.

In 2019, Apple will continue to bet on its unlocking system through 3D Face Detection. Face ID as a safe and effective solution. However, it will force the brand to place the TrueDepth module on the front of the device.

Nevertheless, the reduction in the size of the slot is about 30% already mentioned. Something that can not be verified by the speed of all this information.

In short, to date, we can dream of design, as more sophisticated than the one presented to us. By the way, I have serious difficulties considering that this may be an approximate aspect of the Apple iPhone 11.

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