Monday , August 2 2021

Amazon Founder, unexpected statements about his company!

Amazon will become bankrupt! Even the founder of this company said unexpectedly! Jeff Bezos, and "tad" Amazon admitted, at an administrative meeting last week, that his business could fall at any time. Even claimed:"Amazon is not too big to fall … Indeed, I'm predicting that Amazon will fall someday". It looks so that a giant can be placed on the right too. "Amazon will become bankrupt. If you look at large companies, their lives tend to be over 30 years, not over 100 years", said Amazon founder.

All the richest man's affirmations in modern business history are about the way the company opposes for 24 years: focusing on customers' wishes, which it will do from this on. "If we start focusing on ourselves rather than focusing on our customers, it will start the end … We must try to defer that day as much as possible", says Jeff Bezos.

Amazon will become bankrupt! "The company is not too big to fall!"

Amazon will become bankrupt, and this is what the founder of the company, Jeff Bezos, assists us
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

However, according to some Amazon workers who talked to CNBC, this is under the condition of anonymity, others appear to be priorities for the company's future. Government regulations and the potential crimes of antitrust law are at the forefront. Instead, the Amazon head said something else in the minutes. He admits that he has a large company and, reasonably for any kind of company, is to investigate them. "We know we're a big company. It's reasonable that large organizations of any kind, whether companies or governments" should be investigated ", says Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

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