Monday , September 20 2021

Andriy Kritiya annoyed the Oltenian fans from the first day. "The statement, which creates disputes in the country.

"I left great emotions from the team that offered me the greatest joy: Politehnica Iaşi. For almost four years now, the team and the city have come to my heart. It is very difficult for me to find my words and I want to appeal to you all, starting with supporters, teammates, technical staff, administrative staff and shop, thank you very much! I remain with the soul of the crazies, and I'm sure this is not my last word before them. I want one day back.

Next, I want you to know that I do not change the color, and I proudly announce that I decided to sign up with one of the most titled teams in Romania, Krajov University, This is an important transfer, and I want to bring the 5th title of Bani in 2019. Thanks for gaining, Country Science, and the story begins now! ", He wrote Andrew Krista on his Facebook page.

6 goalsIn 19 games, Andrei Kristiia scored for Paul Yassi this season

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