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Exclusive video | Ilie Dumitrescu said Gigi Becali is true! – You do not have any players! Let's do the exercise. The reaction of the financier


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The FCSB completed the summer training course in the summer of 2019, which took place in Brasov, and on Monday, July 1, 2019, resume training on the basis of Berceni, until the first official match, one with Milsam Orhei, from the previous round of the Europa League. The main goal of the red and blue is the qualification in the European competition groups, as well as the title of the Champions League, which they have not won for four seasons.

In addition, Bogdan Andone (44) gave him Gigi Beckali (61), which forces the team to play 4-3-3, the game system, agreed with the financier.

Ily Dumitrescu (50) does not believe in such a goal and also tells why the vice-champion League 1 will not be able to move to the gaming system they tried without effect, and Nicole Dick and Mihai Thea,

"They are trying now, it's all kinds of experiments. With Philip, from Pintilia, before defending, let's see what will happen and what solutions exist. I am of the opinion that the FCSB has a party that matches the 4-2-3-1 system that has been played so far.

At 4-3-3 you must climb to a certain area. At the request of Jig, Nedelka must appear in the first 11, and then what do you do? You put it there Weekly and climb to Philip and Pinthilla? This is a very solid team from the Week in the center and with Philip and Pythylia, inside. Cover the areas very well. Only Razvan Marin and Cicâldău have this profile or ", said Ili Dumitrescu, present at Digi Sport 1 in the studio of the "Football Club" show.

Ilie Dumitrescu: "At 4-3-3, the FCSB will be a super-solid team, but not enough speed in the middle!"

Former football player "Golden Globe" also said that in red-blue there are a lot of valuable offensive players that would remain outside the businessman's system.

"There are then three positions for four players, I mean, Tanase, but he's not with each other. No O'ayida is not with each other. Let's make an imaginary exercise. We play with Nedelko, Pintylom and Philip, inside or not. ? A super solid team, but not the speed in the middle line. Aggressive, but neither Pintheli nor Philip have any speed, not to mention the Trouble.

And the players were behind: Man, Coman, Morutan, Tanase and Chorus. Not to mention Gnohere.

But after all 4-2-3-1 you play, because you do not have players "– said Ili Dumitrescu in Digi Sport.

Gigi Beckali: "If this does not work, I will immediately return to 4-2-3-1!"

In the exclusive Football Club, Jiggi Beckali has said he is waiting for official matches to be built if the new system 4-3-3 will be functional or not working in the FCSB. In addition, the entrepreneur reminded the players who would be FSBB players, even if they did not envisage such provisions in the contract as he wanted to put on Janis Hagi.

"Vlad enters the gate, he is mistaken, he does not do it, he is at the gate!" As a rule, Nedelka plays in the middle. Man, Coman and Tanas can never get them! To be clear. Regarding the system, I look forward to seeing how the team will evolve. If it does not work, do not speak, change immediately and go back to 4-2-3-1, which is a problem "– replied Higi Beckali in Digi Sport.

Summer soccer matches 2019 for FCSB

FCSB – CS Coltea Brasov 7-0 VIDEO
They scored: Jānis Stoja 1, Razvan Ojai 45, Jonah Khor 49 and 56, Robert Ion 63, Adrian Nieta 75, 85

FCSB – Steauzi Brasov 4: 0
They scored: Bogdan Planich 4, Florin Tenasse 6 and 57, Christian Dumitru 90 + 2 VIDEO

FCSB – Future 3-3 VIDEO
They scored: John Gore 22, Razvan Oaid 48 and 54 / Gabriel Yankun 29 and 72 – from the penalty, Louis Munteanu 80.

VIDEO with the reaction of Ilya Dumitrescu

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