Monday , August 2 2021

Surprise Case in Slobozia: A prosecutor has fined 5,000 places for the police who stopped it in traffic


Surprise Case in Slobozia: A prosecutor has fined 5,000 places for the police who stopped it in traffic

Prosecutor Mihai Laurentiu, from the Office of the Prosecutor involved in Slobozia Court, decided in the beginning of November to reform two police officers who stopped her in traffic in July. According to the order signed by the prosecutor, obtained by MEDIAFAX, the police car was stopped because it was higher than the legal speed and expired from ITP, and that all the procedure for reform and movement the license plates make the prosecution delay.

"Applying for a severe penalty would not create a dangerous precedent, facilitating not only the authors, but also other poor guards, with the force of the example, with the excuse to stop crime, committing similar abuse by other magistrates, threatening the magistrates or, why not do so, similar actions threaten any citizen, and this risk must be prevented by prompt response. Attention to the opposite conclusion would mean we accept, as a result, that any policemen on the roads, with the excuse of having magistrates be punished in contravention, is possible not only to reform the magistrate but also to & It stays more than it sets the case, in a purposeful, enthusiastic, fake or even purpose, based on unilateral exposure of will and subsequent subjective justifications, up to age suspended the magistrate temporarily from exercising the judicial appropriations without the latter having any leverage to punish the police concerned, which contradicts the The prominent role the legislator has given to magistrates, in protecting public order and protecting social norms, "said the police order that the police were fined.

According to the document, the magistrate was fined by the police at that time with a total of 2,175 places, and during the entire procedure he would have been hacked by the deferred agents. The prosecutor stated that he had deferred several hours at work because he refused to transport it to the Prosecutor's Office, although they were traveling to Slobozia.

"In enacting these rules, the legislator did not allow traffic police to delegate their powers beyond the penalties of road crime, much less against magistrate (…) In the context This, given the severity of the issue, the application of the maximum fine is a completely necessary measure designed to ensure that police officers in question are aware of the severity of the act of preventing a magistrate, "the document states.

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