Tuesday , April 20 2021

Synthesis a day. Stunning response to malicious slaughter scandal

Former Minister of Justice Cristian Diaconescu responds stunningly after Mihai Gadea revealed in "The Synthesis of the Day" in the case of the fatal accident produced by prosecutor Christian Lazar, the one who dealt with Iohannis family files.

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Cristian Lazar was investigated for an offense of killing by fault, but the prosecution was not approved by Cristian Diaconescu, that minister of justice.

source: Antena capture 3 / Synthesis per day

In an interview with a television channel, Cristian Diaconescu said he could not sign that document.

"I'm going to the white canvas on this topic, the minister does not sign the application, as it turns out of the circular paper, which is I have a command to remove from the file. I have time to deal with them.

I run not to be university teachers through Romania – the PSD, which I mean – and I'll go up to a white cloth, obviously in court, as the minister is not find a fake case, "says Cristian Diaconescu.

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