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The drama in which Gina Pistol lived. She began to cry when she told the story: “The woman was aggressive!”

Gina Pistol gave everything from home and told about her greatest sufferings since childhood. With tears in her eyes and emotions in her voice, Smiley confessed to her family online, in which drama she experienced when her parents divorced.

Gina Pistol, the drama she went through when her parents divorced

She is one of the most beautiful, most valuable and most popular stars in Romania, and over the years she has won the sympathy of the public thanks to her smile, modesty, tenderness and a developed sense of humor. At 40, Gina Pistol enjoys the most beautiful period of her life, being a full-fledged woman at all levels.

Although she is extremely happy with her partner Smiley and their little girl Josephine, Gina Pistol’s life was not always rainbow, and the star recalled certain episodes from her childhood that touched even Mikhail Morar.

Invited to her podcast “Fain si Simplu”, Gina Pistol experienced a moment of vulnerability, during which she cried, telling an episode from her childhood, about the time when her parents divorced and filed a lawsuit to get custody of the child.

“I would go back to my childhood. There were times in my life when my family fell apart. I didn’t talk much about it, not even with my mother. My father sued my mother for my custody, and they took me to the lady, and no one explained to me what was happening to me then, I felt lonely, I didn’t feel anyone.

No one came to tell me -Yes, your parents are judged, it’s okay, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you! – The woman was a little aggressive. My mother never beat me, I think she just slapped me. But this woman was a little aggressive because she, in turn, had some problems. Then yes, I would come back to myself and hug. This is it. That would be the only moment, “said Gina Pistol with tears in her eyes.

Gina Pistol, the truth about the failed relationship in her life

Although she has always been a courtship and an extremely beautiful woman, Ginny Pistol was unlucky in love until she met Smiley, the man who gave her a little girl and who is probably her other half.

The former presenter from Asia Express explained the reason why she abandoned her relationship with her partner when she no longer felt loved or valued as she deserved.

Gina Pistol: I was loved the way I felt bad, and I left. People said – poor thing, Gino! He left it too! – Most of the time I left. You can’t leave a man like me without being modest, because I’m a mom, a girlfriend, a partner and all. I was never left alone.

Mihai Morar: Life has taught you to do everything!

Gina Pistol: Nothing. If tomorrow, God forbid, something happens to the world, I will be able to cope on my own. I have such a brutal sense of survival.

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