Saturday , July 31 2021

Alexey Kleshko died at Krasnoyarsk / Krasnoyarsk Events and Krasnoyarsk Krai / Newslab.Ru

November 19 9:08

In Krasnoyarsk, in the 49 years of age, the Legislative Assembly Speaker and journalist Aleksey Kleshko. The information was reported by Vadim Vostrov, general director of the TVK TV company, where the deceased worked for a long time.

"I do not know how to write about it. Alexey Kleshko died," Vostrov wrote on the social network.

As they say the media, the body was found near the entrance, it's similar, it fell from height. The police and the Legislative Assembly did not comment on the situation.

Alexey Kleshko was born on April 2, 1970 at Abakan (Khakassia). He graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State University journalism faculty. From the mid-1990s, Kleshko was involved in journalism in Krasnoyarsk. In 2014, Taffy became the best interviewer,Agrada was awarded for an interview in the "After the News" program with former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin

Since 1998, he has been Deputy of Krasnoyarsk City Council, and since 2001, he has been a deputy for the Regional Legislative Assembly. Alexey Kleshko was the first deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly.

The Federation of Russian Federation Council diplomas were awarded, thanks to the chairman of the Federation Council. He was a prize of inter-regional television and radio journalism competitions.