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An example of a business card created on Foldr

Our story began with laziness

A few weeks ago I needed to make a small page where it would be briefly written who I am and where I can be found online. Being a completely lazy person, I was not going to write this simple functionality with my own hands.

In the yard in 2021, I thought, right now I will find a ready-made solution on the Internet. A few hours later I was completely disappointed: there are no beautiful minimalist templates, and of the closest in spirit services there is only a conditional Taplink, which is designed to generate leads, but not to create a kind of business card on the Internet.

What is Foldr

Folder – is a service where the user will be able to gather in one place all their social networks, portfolio links and contacts for communication.

Theme “Club” and “Catherine”

We believe in diversity, so we already provide users with several options for decorating your business card. For example, fans of the loud winter voice social network can choose the theme “Club”, and fans of dark themes will find relief in the form of “Catherine”.

The finished page can be used in different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Add links on your social networks so your audience can find you everywhere, or connect in a way that’s convenient for you
  • Send a link along with a resume so that the customer can look at your portfolio on various services
  • Show a QR code from your phone to quickly give your contact during a business meeting or when dating

And what are we better than ordinary business cards

An online business card is much faster than a printed one

The path from creating to printing a traditional business card can take from one day to a week. You need to decide on the design, choose a few contacts (because the space on the business card is limited), choose the material and ink for printing. That’s not all: don’t forget that you will need to go to the next area (if you’re lucky) to pick up the kit from the printing house.

You can make your business card on Foldr in a few minutes without leaving your own apartment. And yes, if you make a mistake in writing your mail, you will no longer have to order a new edition and start all over again.

You always have an online business card with you

No more steaming, you brought a couple of business cards. Or you just ran out of them, and you need to call the printer again and ask to print a couple more.

Each Foldr user has their own QR code, which is easy to share with others. Just open and show them your page.

Theme “Ludwig” and the function of adding to contacts

You can add a contact to your phone with an online business card in one click

Even if the printed business card is with you, it does not solve all the problems. After all, the data from the business card must be rewritten in the address book, while checking whether you have sealed. It’s boring and monotonous, especially if you have several such meetings every day.

Everyone who opens your business card on Foldr will be able to add all your contact details to their phonebook in one click.

instead of an afterword

Just the day before yesterday, the fifth major update of the service was released, and, admittedly, it is far from the ideal that I imagine.

However, now you can specify links to all your accounts and briefly tell about yourself, and as a result get a good page, with the ability to share it with a QR-code and the function of adding to contacts.

In the near future, there will be more opportunities to customize your business card: new themes, change the design palette, add your links and format the description.

You can use this service for free. I will be glad if you try it. An honest review and objective assessment is what our team really needs.

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