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Former wife Osvina Osina said that, before her death, the singer offered her to do with him

01:06, 11/20/2018

According to Natalia, Yevgeny hoped to return his family.

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Last Saturday, the 90s Eugene Osin star died. The singer of the girl "Crying in the machine" was 54 years old. Cause of death was a cause of death. No one was at the time of the musician's death. She had not contacted her for several days. Eugene's close friend was sure the singer lay in the apartment for some week without help. "I believe that Eugene has died a week ago. Or more. He did not contact me when I was waiting for him," he said. Yury Shmelev.

This speculation is rejected by former Aspen wife Natalya Cheremisina. According to her, she and her daughter Agnea has been communicated with Eugene until the last few days. "We were literally with him two days before his death. I work in the schedule" two to two ", and before my work day we visited him. He was in a very poor condition , but he did not agree to any help. I suggested that he called an ambulance, but he refused, "he said in the show studio" Let them talk. "According to Natalia, he and a daughter visited Eugene regularly, came food for him, cleaning the apartment, and alcohol was taken. The last time the singer did not give them alcohol. Natalya learned about the death of her ex-husband of a home guardian, with her who kept in touch with her.

Former wife Eugene Osina Natalya and Agniya's daughter in the studio "Let them talk"

Eugene emphasized himself, a guest house in a variety of talk shows, repeatedly turning his ex-wife to not communicate with him and banned her to see her daughter, who lost very much. This was, according to the musician, in the case of his alcoholism. "I was really worried about our separation and drowning a bottle of grief." In 2010, to see her daughter, Osin was post as a music teacher at school no. 1287, where she was created under her leadershipChip, Whose soloist was Agnia. In turn, Natalia claims that she never stopped her ex-husband seeing her daughter: "I have never been banned. The child, sometimes, was afraid to spend time with him. She loved her very much and loved her today, but as she grew up, she was ashamed of her. "

He emphasized that the singer's alcoholism caused the collapse of their marriage. "It broke our wedding for this reason. Zhenya said many things over the years, but I've never had discussions with him and I did not take part in various shows in principle, because I understood that this meant that It's just a chat and I've paid tribute to the person I was living with, and from whom I was getting my girlfriend. "Natalya admitted her to be married to Eugene, she was scared about her life and her child's life. "The one who has never lived with alcoholic knows. He rejected his hands," – said former Aspen.

Evgeny Osin with Agnia's daughter

Evgeny Osin with Agnia's daughter

Natalya said the musician had changed a lot over the past six months, and acknowledging that he himself had destroyed their family and tried to solve everything: "In fact, he suggested that I should marry again. But I was not ready In this way, until the last day, my re-meeting offered and I hoped for it. I did not reject it, because I understood that someone lived as a result of strangers. "

Evgenia Osina Agniya's daughter confirmed the words of the mother. "This is even so long that a mother is banning a pope to communicate with her daughter," said the girl. – I love, love and will always love dad. But when I visited him, he was very inadequate. Sometimes I was afraid to be with her even so my mother and my mother came with code code. "Call me, say" cock, "I came to collect," my mother told me. "According to Agnes, she used her very often." Either he was drunk and fell asleep, or got drunk and became very angry. It was very difficult for me to see it in this state. I was a child and I did not know what to do, "she admitted. According to the girl, she often told her father what gifted musician and how much she would & # 39; I'm proud of it if I had the best to drink.

Former wife Osvina Osina said that, before her death, the singer offered her to do with him

Evgeny Osin with a wife and a daughter

Recalling that Yevgeny Osin became the show "Actually" show in February this year he had an illegitimate girl. Nastya Godunova now 12 years old. She follows in the footprint of a parent star – is involved in music. In addition, the girl takes her first steps in the modeling business. Eugene was also a sister Albina. She discovered the artist's body. Now they all have to share among themselves the legacy of the deceased star.

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