Thursday , April 15 2021

Gadgets: Science and Technology:

Denis Kuskov, director of the Telecom daily information and analytical agency, told Prime about the hidden function in the smartphone’s camera.

According to him, the Time of flight sensor can work in an unlit room, which allows you to determine a more accurate distance to the object. This sensor is also used to detect facial scans.

The expert explained that the Tof sensors emit a short infrared light signal, and the camera records the time of its flight. “Tof cameras are able to measure the distance within the area displayed by the video camera in one shot, and this is the main advantage of this feature,” said Kuskov.

Earlier, the key features of smartphones in 2021 were named. Yes, this year the market should have phones without holes and with new types of screens. Experts also believe that in 2021 there will be several smartphones with a front camera, which will be located under the screen. In addition, devices that support the fastest charging may appear in the coming months.

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