Friday , July 30 2021

Saab Roadster's first photos – Rambler / auto were revealed

Autoexperts wanted to show what appearance a modern roadster could get from a Swedish manufacturer of Saab. As a result, he was quite "classical", who had planned on the Saab platform.
Thus, expert and designer Nikita Chuiko from the federal expertise, shows how a roadster created on a BMW Z4 trolley of a forgotten Saab could appear. The author of the images explained that the words 9-5 and 9-4X form the basis of a design decision. Looking at the result, we can say that the car would become very attractive.

In the outside of the Saab Roadster, you can see the typical windowlights of the window, the design of the lights and the trapezoidal grin. The back of the model repeats the style decisions of the latest models of makers of the Czech Republic. Also out there are alloy wheels, made in jet unit blades.

One could think that the technical element was lent in part of the BMW German concern. If this happens then this Saab would be the first model in the history of the brand with a rear wheel drive system and a six cylinder unit. But this is all an interesting design to a Russian independent expert.

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