Monday , July 26 2021

The picture showed a "holey" Samsung Galaxy A8s display: Hi-Tech: VladTime

Probably, the smartphone will be available to customers only in China.

The network has an image of the Samsung Galaxy A8s, which showed a "drop" display. They say that this device will only be available in stores in China. The presentation presented, most likely, was made in the assembly production department, so this information is much more valuable. Some say that this screen is only used for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8s. This device is a frame. The smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8s was depicted in the presentation some time ago. However, the technical specifications have not yet been called.

Despite the fact that the gadget will remain in China alone, it is interesting for all users to view this "leaky" screen. Screen screens made with other types of cuts will probably appear online soon.

Anna Kotova


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