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Al Hilal News: Al-Hilal is Al-Hilal for Al-Ahli


Saudi 360 – It is expected that the General Assembly will be held Thursday in the Saudi Al Nasr Club for the election of the president and members of the club, after the disputes that took place during the opening of the candidacy for the presidency of the world three times.

Below is your website Sport 360 Latest news Al Nasr Saudi Club Thursday 7/11/2019:

Hamdallah, Moroccans steal spotlight in Saudi league

Moroccan professionals dominated the capture of Saudi fans during the last season in the professional league of Prince Mohammed bin Salman until they played a prominent role in the Al Nasr title after the competition continued on the final round of the competition.


One case makes the fuss to get out of victory in the presidential race

The General Assembly of the Saudi Al Nasr Club for Stability will be held on Thursday in the name of the candidate who will serve as President of the World for the next 4 years.


The transfer market will be victorious in a week .. An attractive offer and 3 foreigners outside the world

Al-Nasr's presidential election is still a concern for the masses of Nasravi, who wished to see Mircato a more positive and beneficial summer for his team, which ended his season with the perfect title for the Saudi League.


The administration of Al-Nasra intends to borrow Ramos

The leadership of Al Nasr Saudi club intends to decide the fate of the Peruvian defender Christian Ramos and is excluded from the accounts of the Portuguese trainer Roy Vitoria during the current period.


Turks al-Daham announced his withdrawal from the presidential election victory

The Turks Al-Daham, an honorary member of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, has officially announced the withdrawal from the races that will run for president's office for the next 4 years.


Announcement of the final list of candidates for the presidency of the victory club

The leadership of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club received a letter from the General Authority on Sport, which contained the final lists of the presidential candidates and membership in the club for the next 4 years.


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