Tuesday , April 20 2021

Certified certificate and work risk insurance for trainees to enroll in clearance

Citizens – Riyadh

The Human Resources Development Fund (HDF) confirmed that the "Tamhir" training program provided a certified certificate to the trainee after completing the training program to increase the employability of the private sector. .

Through the "Tamir" program, which aims to implement Royal Declaration No. 40262 dated 18/8/1437 AH, "Aim" gives a financial prize of 3,000 marriages each month to support & The trainer.

The length of the training in the Typir program varies from 3 to 6 months, in order to train them in government institutions, international organizations and excellent organizations so that they can acquire the expertise and skills needed to & # 39 ; w prepare for full time work.

The aim of the program is to train university graduates within the Kingdom. Trainees must fulfill the obligations and training requirements in the work sites. Compulsory electronic courses and the commitment to attend during the full day training period were completed according to the approved training plan and complete the required evaluation form In the program plan.

The "Tiger" program co-ordinates the skills needed for the labor market with university output by providing the necessary skills and skills for graduates for the labor market through practical training in the actual workplaces according to the expertise of the graduates.

In this context, Hadaf explained that organizations, government, international organizations, companies and private sector organizations can join the program and offer training opportunities available to Saudi national graduates of the UK through National Action Gateway (Taqat).

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