Saturday , October 16 2021

Each female has a reproductive organ and two breasts – in the picture

Saudi fascist Hind al-Katani shocked the audience with her sharp response to one of her followers, who criticized her image, saying: “She likes to take pictures of backgrounds, even Americans have not lost her.” Hind posted a comment, and angrily replied, “I mean you, your wife, your mother or your sisters when you walk. On the street or in any public place. Do you prevent people from following you so that they do not saw your bodies from behind? The answer is definitely no … Why, are you disgusting? .. because living beings have it before and after, and it is assumed that it does not cause sexual desire and is not a shame.There is no shame or condemnation .. and if you see it as such, go and get rid of the fat from the buttocks, you and your loved ones, so as not to make such patients known. Second information, every woman in front also has genitals and breasts. “

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