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From 1985 to 2015. Know their development stages of 11 versions of Windows


Sunday June 30, 2019 10:55 pm

Window to the World – Microsoft noted 21 years ago the release of its Windows 98 operating system, which was one of the most important operating systems of the time, the computer was not working, but you asked yourself how many versions Microsoft has released so far? To answer this question, we review the versions developed by the company in the years.

Windows 1.0 "1985"


The first version launched by Microsoft, which at the time included several new programs, is now standard for users

Windows 2.0 1987

2.0 "src =" "title =" 2.0

This version did not include many updates due to the lack of hardware available at this time

Windows Vista 3.0

Windows_3.0_workspace "src =" "title =" Windows_3.0_workspace

This version is the most up-to-date version of Microsoft, including the simple interface and Word and Excel programs, which became the first appearance..

Windows 3.5 "1994"

Windows_NT_3.5 "src =" "title =" Windows_NT_3.5

In this release, Microsoft relied on the development of system colors and program icons, as well as the development of security features.

Windows 1995

1995 "src =" "title =" 1995

Windows 1995 contained many features that did not exist in earlier versions, as well as graphical user interface, and was the first 32-bit system with the appearance of the list beginning For the first time.

Windor 1998

1998 "src =" "title =" 1998

This version supported a special program to increase the speed of the device, except for the availability of their devices with a wheel with a wheel from above for the first time..

Windows 2000

2000 "src =" "title =" 2000

He did not come back again, so he was one of the worst suggested models, but he supported the program for creating videos and a lot of simple updates..


2001 "src =" "title =" 2001

A year after the launch of Windows 2000, Windows introduced a new version of its operating system XP, which was one of the best versions of users.

Windows 7

7 "src =" "title =" 7

This version appeared after the release of the previous version, to avoid errors that occurred when making this version better in Microsoft versions..

Windows 8

8 "src =" "title =" 8

Microsoft released this version in 2012 to change the system's system, resulting in users activated.

Windows 10 2015

10 "src =" "title =" 10

Microsoft has developed many features with the new version of Windows 10, which supports many updates, such as Voice Assist and Internet Explorer.

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