Friday , July 30 2021

The National Center for Translation celebrates the publication of the Arabic edition "Wonderful Peter Schlimel Story"

The National Center for Translation will host a symposium at the time of the translation of "The Story of Peter Schlimel the Wonderful" by the National Center for Translation at 6:00 pm on Thursday, November 22, 2018. Professor Assem Ammari and Mrs. Professor Amani Kamal attends the seminar, The session will be moderated by Professor Dr Abdel Hamid Marzouk, at the Taha Hussein Hall at the National Center for Translation.

Edelbert von Chamisso's "Peter Schlimel the Wonder" story and the Lubna Fouad translation, which is part of the series of creative fiction, is about the issue of the conflict between man and Satan, which aims to acquire human lives by venturing the money that draws attention to it. A young man sells his shadow to the devil in front of Zikiba in full gold, and when the young man regrets and wants to restore Satan's shade for selling his soul in return for restoring a shadow, but the composer "Peter Schlimel" refuses to sell his soul to the devil.

The novel was translated into 28 languages, a piece of Romantic literature, which was a German school curriculum. Germany celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1814.

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