Monday , June 14 2021

There are wonderful health benefits to eat «the liver» know –

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"Al-Ahsa Today" – Al-Ahsa

There are five health benefits that people get from eating liver and can be more. Many people are well known to the liver of foods known to the Arabs and are prepared in several ways and in particular have prescribed for the henoed and pregnant women because of their health benefits.

We can specify these five healthy liver eating benefits as follows:

  1. Treatment of liver disease and prevent the body because of its high vitamin "B 12" content and also contribute very much to the formation of red blood cells

2. The liver has a good role in building muscle & body and is working to strengthen the immune system.

  1. It's very useful to the skin as it works to strengthen the healthy tissue in the skin and rebuild the damaged ones, so eat it; Afu reduces skin cracking and drought problems and drought because it contains riboflavin.
  2. The liver maintains the health and safety of tooth, bones and nails.
  3. Liver contains the pentothenic acid necessary for the essential processes that enter the body with which the chemical energy is converted to Other forms of energy.

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