Monday , August 2 2021

«Walaa Cooperative Insurance» offers discounts on vehicle, travel and home insurance for education personnel

The Walaa Co-operative Insurance Company signed a contract with the Ministry of Education represented by the Education Development Holding Company that insurance services are provided to Ministry employees. Salala Al Jaber, CEO of Walaa's Cooperative Insurance Company, said the contract to take advantage of the Ministry of Education's employees from the Mazaya loyalty program, a loyalty program offering favorable prices for employees for a number of services and products offered to the individual category. Noting that his company will become one of the companies listed in "Tejbil", an initiative launched by the Ministry of Education and dedicated to a development company and it is proposed to offer unique offers and services to education personnel notable. Al-Jabr said that these services fall within the company's social responsibility to appreciate and loyalty to the teacher and teachers of the Ministry of Education, which makes the time and effort to serve our children to become a generation which can adhere to the developments, emphasizing at the same time that "loyalty" will serve ministry staff through branches that have been located around the Kingdom or through the website. Walaa provided a number of community community service programs, the latest Walaa Drive, a free application designed to encourage vehicle owners to install a smart mobile application that monitors the driver's behavior and allows drivers to find some traffic offenses, Such as speed, mobile use when driving, sudden stopping, dangerous distraction, and removing absurd routes, and accordingly, give loyalty and rewards to those with the highest performance grades.

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