Saturday , October 16 2021

Warning for Android users, uninstall this app immediately

Cybersecurity experts have warned Android phone users about a very dangerous and very dangerous program in people’s bank accounts, which can cause a catastrophe that threatens money and can trap users, according to the British newspaper Daily Express.

And in an urgent warning to billions of Android users around the world, experts have found that the malware is known as SOVA and was first spotted last month and is based on the electronic Trojan virus, and the United States already has users in America, Britain and Europe affected by malware through the transition to online banking in recent years.

Hackers using SOVA try to steal personal information through keyboard attacks and fake notifications. In addition to stealing cookies, they can steal users’ bank details and passwords, which can destroy and damage phones by giving hackers the wrong commands and taking control of the phone.

A common mistake is reason

Experts point out that sometimes users allow websites to store their personal information so that they do not have to log in frequently, which is a mistake that hackers use to access their personal information and hack various online accounts.

Owl means “owl” in Russian, and experts believe that the name was chosen because of the bird’s ability to chase prey – a program that works to break into and steal bank accounts via Android phones, and cybersecurity experts stressed that “applications must be downloaded from the Google Store , not through unfamiliar websites and without clicking on any links sent in text messages.

Hackers usually hunt down users by phishing because fake text messages or phone calls are sent from fake gift and sales sites, exposing people to theft, so cybersecurity experts emphasize not to pass on any data over the phone or open dangerous links, even if they were sent from friends.

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