Friday , July 30 2021

Aya Nakamura is also exploding in the US – AYA NAKAMURA News

Aya Nakamura is in the top in France but also in the Netherlands and begins to make a name in the United States. The test with the article that set aside the grand magazine The Fader.

Aya Nakamura has not finished talking about her. The singer is now part of the French revelations for the world to know about. On the other side of the Atlantic, The Fader magazine wanted to know more about the R & B phenomenon. The newspaper devoted a very complete article to start the career of the singer.

Aya Nakamura agrees on her success, her childhood but also on black women's place in the French music industry: "People asked me to wear my skin to try and enjoy more people, but that did not stop me. I do not want to be a victim.He says in an interview for The Fader.

Aya Nakamura: soon a foreign career?

Before recording with a second album, "Nakamura", who selects the "Djadja" and "Friends", Aya has come a long way. "I strive to find a job. I sing through the time, so my sisters and friends told me to go to the studio and start recording my own records. I did not know how to record a song, but thanks to friends, I found a studio and engineer who agreed to help me.He said the star at The Fader.

An exciting article on the "Conduct" interpreter ends with this sentence: "The world is now a playground"Will Aya Nakamura succeed as well as Christine and Queens or MHD, superstars in the United States?

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